January 14, 2009
By Erin Clary BRONZE, Morrisville, Missouri
Erin Clary BRONZE, Morrisville, Missouri
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Lying here, awake
In a puddle of blood
Drenched and crying
Not from the physical pain but the emotional
Each cut standing for a crack in my heart
You did this to me
And now maybe you will understand
You were my everything
As I was simply nothing to you
I am starting to feel dizzy
Faintly I hear the screams
And the roar of the ambulance sirens
It doesnt matter
I am already dead on the inside
I have no reason to live
Or breathe.
Now in the brightly lit, white room
I gasp for my last breath
Opening my eyes for the last time
I see.... him, my heartbreaker
But now its too late
The doctor will have to try and explain

Cause Of Death: A Broken Heart

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