January 14, 2009
By Sam Parson, Dix Hills, NY

Why is the power striking?
Only to tear the flesh of one
Another and more yet to come
Slowly it pulls each soul, bound
To the grappling vines of its heart
To rip your being apart

No muzzle straps your words
But it overcomes your strength
Torture, dignity, flourishing length
Why is the power so fierce?
Whistling a fate worse than agony
Bravery and courage battle and fail miserably

Catch you in its trickery web
With the monstrosity of a tide
Over vast mountains it can ride
Steal your kindness and wisp away joy
For all of your fear burns in your fiery pit
Thrashing you by every bit

Not even tomorrow it never leaves
Power takes, wouldn’t dare give
Why even live!
Take your remains and don’t look back
Barely hold on your fingertips
A single thread keeping your grip

Reflecting off the glass
That glistens and cracks slowly to your bones
Eternal pain, it joys by every moan
Your crooked smile hides the hatred
Disgust beneath your clothe
Mind, melting with loathe

Why is power overwhelming?
Can’t fight back
Nothing to lack
I will become its enemy
Through many nightfalls
I’ll claim my prize and tear down the walls

A nightmare to be born will vanish
Tears will be shed
Their happiness with abandon, dead
I’ll become the very thing
I swore to kill
Mockery, malevolence and shrill

A rage of thrill, whipping rush
Crawling with a scream so immense
A sinking boat, a heart, dense
Shattering limbs, ripe, in my sweating palms
Sinister deeds and fight
Darkness murdering light

How can I decipher this puzzle?
What do I gain?
Guilt pounding in my veins
Feel the blade of pride pierce its skin
Fighting with honor, pure bloodshed
Trickling deep, rich red

The masked man hunts for his prey
Tongue dripping, hungry, wet
Bursting power, greed, no regret
Gasping for a crisp breath
Against the penetrating cold
Brawling it, bold

Noise chattering underneath its flesh
Its core begging with mercy to free
Right will never be
Signs of love shred; cease
Roaring with wrath and mar
Blackened heart, of tar

Your feelings set nowhere in it
To it, you are worthless
Like a scrawny kitten in distress
Eyes, dark, yet crystalline and twinkling
It blocks away all emotion, only power
And ego to devour

Creeps over your shoulder, wide eyed
A cleaver ready to slash
It stays with you forever, a sickening rash
Why is power always against you?
Isn’t it supposed to guide?
Not tough but prospering to life and lithe?

Laughing with iniquity as you burn
Watching you squirm and cry
As you try to escape, there, it’ll pry
It wants and kills with passion
It needs and gets with resent
Spook, parting ways with repent

Sorrow, poignant and crushing your purpose
Slowly you weaken and soon, fall
Picking off like flies, it stands tall
Frost covers this icy place we call a world
A pool too deep to wade in, so drown
And let power take its crown

Show disgrace and shame but no fear
Never let go of the secret
Or let power consume it
Lonely in a pool of misery
You sit and cry out your spirit
And no one is there to hear it

It traps you in a mystical dream
It abuses your core and rips it out of your chest
Replacing it with a shadowy, dark nest
It takes your soul and abuses it
Cradles it in its guilty hands
And devises wicked plans

Hopeless you lie in dread, panting, throbbing
It emanates your ashes, to a black rust
Soon you’ll be nothing, withered to dust
Wind whispering trust in your ears
Power morphs it to hatred
Its heart heavy as lead

Muscles aching as your stomach twists
And at this moment, it thrusts forward
Twirling, slaughtering your thoughts, slurred
Sparkling with anger, it pushes with force
Dark and mysterious, gloom
It makes you weary as you await your doom

Why does power fill humanity with their poison?
Lies embedded in your mind
Destroying mankind
Fills our compassion with greed and filth
In all our attempt to use it for truth
An eye for an eye took each and every tooth

We narrow our eyes and scowl
Wanting to hurt what has annihilated our own
Slay the killer we made and take the throne
Swiping all my passion, taking all my pride
If given the chance I’d crush it in a second
Into so many pieces, I reckon
…I can’t.

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