January 14, 2009
By Furlano Dylan, Avondale, PA

Maybe there'll be a day
when the sun won't shine
and I'll stand here
and look into your eyes
and say:
Welcome,baby, to the end of the world
but don't you be afraid
of the spirited swirls,
the light and dark
mix together to collide,
to build up
what we won't find inside
But believe in the magic
of the fate that is this
Believe in that power
of that one magic wish,
when you wished for us
to be together at end
Well here we are,
doing what the unbreakable can
shooting the stars
while laughing the moon
and knowing that this
will be our last june,
that the time has come,
just as the Walrus said
and that, sooner or later,
forever more, we all,
we all will soon be dead

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