January 14, 2009
By Justin Casseus, Germantown, MD

She dances gracefully in the rain as her broken heart lies open on the floor.
Pain is nothing more than an endorphin at this moment lost in time.
Let it come in waves of pleasure.
More bliss, more ecstasy.
Rapture rapped secretly inside this package.
Taste it.
Animalistic feelings erupt.
The beast is no longer distinguishable from the human
She raises her head to the sky.
Looking towards the heavens with questioning eyes.
Those piercing eyes looking for the very threads that pieced the fabric of life together.
Searching for her maker.
Only her maker can explain this pain.
A reason must come forward and make its presence known.
One reason, possibly many.
But just one for explanation.
She closes her eyes
Embracing the dark beneath the eyelids.
The dark within the heart realized.
Hatred rises.
Love disappears as if it never was.
She is hungry.
Starving for answers.
Thirsty for knowledge she shall never taste.
An eternity of searching will procure nothing.
She is misunderstood
The fire in her eyes mistaken for defiance.
Her passion mistaken for aggression.
The beautiful words spoken from her faltering lips as she dies mean nothing.
As it fades the rain continues.
She sleeps peacefully.

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