One Glowing Frisbee

January 14, 2009
It is the single one that groups us. We are the only ones who control it. One glowing Frisbee with its luminous light and rounded sides unlike all the others. One which is here and only here. One single reason only needed for us to hang out. From the garage you can here it, but Negativity just stays away and doesn’t get to contribute.
Its explanation is hidden. Its flies streaming emotions beneath the skin. It goes up and comes back down and flows through the body like a river by a fisherman and rides the current straight into our camaraderie and never relinquishes its true meaning. This is how it will be.
Let one not recall the reason for coming, they’d all consider the new reason for being. Each with their arms ready in the air. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, flying throw the hands. Still there’s always one behind to catch the fail.
When I am bored and tired of doing nothing by myself, when I am a single person surrounded by many walls alone, then it is that one fad that will get me up. One who groups us. One who makes us live. One whose reason is not just obvious, but has its one own personality. Frisbee, it’s a way of life, it’s a way to believe, it is you.

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