Y Not?

Y is a curious letter
Like a V with a stem
A wine glass waiting to be shattered
It is not vivacious like V however
It is far more Yielding
And Yet Yields too little

It is quite a Young letter
Being Yoked in with vowels
Significant, Yet insecure

And the consonants Yammer and Yell
That Y does not belong on their Yacht
That Y is better to be Yanked this way and that
Than to have a place in the alphabet Yard

Y is a Yuppie letter
Constantly being the Yes-man
Yawning with arms branched out
Like one doing Yoga
Like the horns of a Yak

Y considers V to be a Yahoo
A typical Yippy Yokel
Who matures through the Years
Rising like Yeast
To become the letter Y
The Yogi Berra of its time
Y…Y not?

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