Poor Little Froggy

January 14, 2009
Happiness pumps through me with such a flair
The breeze catches me as I jump through the air
I’m pushed and I’m pulled through this way and that
As I leap over the black hairs of that ugly fat cat
Hopping and flopping with quite a kerplunk
I just can’t believe humans have such junk
I slip and I slide and I land with a thump
At the end of my bound, I spot a black lump
My body is sleek, bright green and gleaming
If you wanna touch this, just keep dreaming
I detect my prey and with quick words I’ll say
“You poor little fly, this is your luckless day”
With a flick of my tongue, slimy and sticky
Such a horrid sight, girls think it’s just icky
I trap my food and it squirms around
Gulp it down fast, or it’ll make a sound!
But I tasted too much, and it began to jitter
“You’ll be the death of me, pesky little critter”
The sound was enough to wake the ugly fat cat
It pounced at me quickly, and on my body it sat

Looking down in hunger, he said with such glee
“Why, oh why poor froggy, did you awaken me?”
“I tried to ignore your stupid hopping and ribbits”
“But the bothersome sound went through me like rivets”
“Ugly fat cat, please forgive me!” poor froggy cried
The cat began laughing so hard, he just almost died
“That’s funny little froggy, you arrogant fool”
The cat spat on poor froggy with its bile white drool
Whisking his tail, ugly fat cat began to say
“Poor little froggy, this is your unlucky day”
“Please...”poor froggy muttered as he began to choke
Ugly fat cat snickered, “It’s time I made you croak”

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