January 14, 2009
By Jill Schwab, Clarkston, MI

The sky darkened until it seemed like night
From the shadows of clouds on the sidewalk.
There was a rumble, hard enough to shake the rough cement,
And a powerful flash cut through the clouds,
Bright enough to light up every corner of the park.
Every ride, still grinding along its course
Quickly settled in its station,
The wavering calliope music choked off,
And all the people stared up into the sky.

The darkness tore open wide, and the downpour began.
Long, fat drops crashed down in a vengeful deluge
Mercilessly pounding the pavement and pavilion rooftops.
People opened maps, held them wide over their heads,
Shielding themselves as they ran for cover,
Crowding into tiny shops, waiting out the fury
Of a screaming shadowed summer storm.

The rides were closed, the music silent, the people hid away,
Everyone pulled inside the safety of themselves,
Inside the safety of the pavilions, nervously glancing around.
We glanced at each other, glanced at the crowds, glanced at the ceiling
Holding back the sky as we held back ourselves…

And then we broke free.

The cold embraced us as we came grinning,
Rumbling a thunderous greeting, thanking us for coming,
A bolt of lightning smiled in agreement through the clouds,
And the rain slowed to a gentle hum.
The rhythm of our footsteps,
The harmony of the falling water,
The triumphant cry of thunder,
The melody of our laughter,
Came together in a glorious symphony.

One with the beauty, the fury, the power,
Through the deserted park,
We danced with the storm.

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