Water Skiing

January 14, 2009
By Anonymous

The water flows
Under me
Under my skis
In a rippling manner
The spray
The spatter
Nibbling at my face.
Stinging a bit
No matter
As I displace the waves
Splitting and slicing its mass
In certain halves

The reflect
My motion.
It moves at my behest.

As I enhance my speed
She cedes, then surges
And augments the pressure
Beneath me.
Entreats me
To hasten the pace.
To realize her ambitions
Under my control she rolls
I maintain position,
My breath quickens
And I pull taut
But the waves oscillate
As her flow follows me
Like a succession.
And, exerting more force
I advance ahead
And feel her faint wisps
Fragile and wet
Caress my cheek
A touch
A tease
As I exceed.
My skis stroke the final curves
That are sinuous
And continuous
But still limber
To my will.

The ebb and flow
And the continuous ease
As I slow
Serve to please her
And me
and I catch my breath;
almost listless, but not quite.
I all but stop as we finish
And watch
As she swells above
Then stretches
Extends along
The horizon.

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