Hanging on to Red

January 14, 2009
By Kyle Huston, Henderson, NV

She is red
Not the tingling red of embarrassment
Because I singled her out among the crowd
Nor the purplish red of fury
Because I pushed her away dismissively
She is the faded red of a timeless tradition
The crimson red of beauty unmarred
And the blood red that honor and pride fought for
The rose red of my love

Not the brick red of a wall that I cannot tear down
Or the burgundy of a girl
Claiming complete independence
But that shade of pink, the one that needs white
For I am white, and without red I would be lost
Without red our colors would just be white
White and empty, lacking emotion

We are that light rose color
The one that flushes across her cheeks
When my red lips brush against hers
The light rose color, with the tiniest hint of both
White and red, that make us complete
That light pink color, freedom
And the pink that shows her in my arms
Our colors mix, blend, that pink

Not the pink of fish against the current
Or perhaps we are
The pink that swims against society
Fighting social norms
Yes, that is the pink.
Pink and happy, full of emotion

Not the deep pink where she dominates
But a beautiful pink of equality
Where we level each other out
Where half of me is half of her
And all of my love is hers…and hers, mine.
Together, pink
Not just any pink.
Our pink

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