I'll Know What to Do

January 14, 2009
By Franchesca Porath, Macomb, MI

When I think the world stopped,
And I just don’t have a clue,
When I feel like I’m going to die,
And I don’t know what to do,
That’s when I look to you.

The light when it’s dark,
The sun through the clouds,
The little spark of hope,
When I'd thought it burnt out.

When I can't remember my name,
Or what I did today,
When my friends seem to be my enemies,
And I can’t think of what to say.
That’s when I look to you.

The one who makes me laugh,
When I feel I should cry,
The one who makes me smile,
Even if it takes a lie.

But I don’t think its just friendship,
At least not for me.
I can’t help but think of you,
You’re the one I need to see.

I think I'm falling in love,
Your laugh makes me smile,
And I'd give anything
Just to be with you for a little while.

But I know it won’t work,
You don’t think of me that way,
So I'll need to settle on
Seeing you just a little each day.

But every time I see you,
My heart does a flip,
And my hand seems to ache
For the phantom feel of your grip.

When you come by me,
I feel my breath pick up the pace,
I wonder if you can read the way I feel,
Written plainly across my face.

I try not to laugh at you,
Attempt to let my feelings go,
But no matter how I rein them in,
They find a way to show.

I try not to text you,
Or talk to you when I'm sad.
You’re just another thing,
I’ll always wish I had.

But I find my fingers typing,
Your number into the phone,
It’s like wanting to talk to someone,
And pretending their not home.

Why do you do this to me,
Different from anyone else I’ve seen,
The only one who can ever
Make me feel green.

When I see you with her,
It doesn’t matter your not going out.
Its just that she’s the one you choose to talk to,
Accepted her without a doubt.

Am I really so different,
Then what you really want.
I know I’m not the type of girl
That you’d tend to flaunt.

But I'm a good person,
With my heart in the right place,
And I’ll love you better then her,
Whatever it takes.

Although now I'm questioning my heart,
Could it have made a mistake?
Why can’t it want someone who
I could possibly have?

I’ll try to work it out,
Reluctantly shut it away.
Try to push the feelings far from here,
At least for today.

But I saw you in the hallway the next day,
And the lock on my heart just fell off.
It hit the ground,
but I was too busy watching you to look around.

I still feel the same,
And maybe not tomorrow,
Or the next day,
But I’ll get you,
And it’ll never be the same.

Because the darkness is coming,
And the clouds are rolling in.
The flames begin dying,
And I'm about to start crying.

But when that happens,
I’ll know what to do.
When I’ve lost hope,
And I can’t remember my name,
That’s when I’ll know what to do.
I’ll look to you.

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