January 14, 2009
By Edith Shedd BRONZE, Alexandria, New Hampshire
Edith Shedd BRONZE, Alexandria, New Hampshire
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Although her eyes are of ice, her heart is of the warmth of a fire, As she carelessly strolls through the crowd On the streets as the people pass her As if they were in a stampede. Her legs carry her as if she were walking On clouds being careful not to miss a step That would cause her to fail. Deep inside there is a sensation of longing to be with someone, Not for the love and caring, But for a place to put a trap down To betray her partner of innocence. Innocent you say? Well, nobody is ever in their life As innocent as she portrays her life to be. You look from the outside in waiting for her To miss a step, Only to be filled up with a deep feeling of Disappointment.

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