Withches of Wurzburg

January 14, 2009
By Maddie P, Chelsea, MI

The Witches of Wurzburg
Under Scottish skies laid a small town,
between each neighbor, rumors abound.

An old woman or two, with strange habits and odd ways,
prowled the streets at night, and stayed in during the days.

People would point and children would cry,
keeping heads down to avoid an evil eye.

Fear bubbled up like a thick Scottish stew,
infecting townsfolk like the Black Plague or flu.

“Marked by God’s wrath!” People did declare,
born with green eyes and flaming red hair.

They arrested the woman and put them in jail,
in their quest for a witch, they would not fail.

Cut them and burn them, make them confess,
do away with their magic, or souls they’ll possess.

Condemned to death, without a fair trial,
because they were different, lead a different lifestyle.

Today we learn much from mistakes of the past,
How people jumped to conclusions and judged too fast.

To avoid such error in the future we must,
heed common sense, and pursue what is just.

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