January 14, 2009
By Stacy Meyerson, Mequon, WI

I am one.
One of six million
One of six million that will never return
Never return to the gravity of Earth
The gravity that holds us down,
The gravity that holds us back,
The gravity that keeps us here.
I am one.
One of the many who perished
Who perished unwillingly
Unwilling to let go
Letting go of their past, present, and future
Never to know what was to come
I am one.
Call me what you want
Hebrew, Jude, or Jew
I am all of these and more
I am the two year old taken from their bed,
The old man who can barely walk,
The family separated forever.
I am a survivor.
I have survived the crammed train car,
Festered with rodents and germs.
I have survived the many lines,
Eliminating the weak.
I am a survivor,
Of a mass genocide.
They didn't care they were killing innocent people,
They didn't care they were breaking families,
They didn't care.
They would do anything to get rid of us.
But we are strong.
We have overcome this massacre.
Over six million have passed,
But I am one that survived.

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