There's This Girl

January 14, 2009
By Adam Ross, Newbury, OH

There’s this girl, and she dazzles me
She doesn’t know, but I think about her everyday
If only she could see
She’s amazing in every way
I try to talk to her, and give her hints
She brushes them off if seems, not caring in the least
Maybe if I try hard enough, there will be a spark to my flint
When she looks right past me, it’s like trying to cage a beast
It makes me feel as if I’m not worth anything
She makes me feel like I was a child again

There’s this girl, and she’s dazzling
I finally get up my courage and ask her to hang out
In the summer anything can happen
Maybe this time I’ll be able to let it out
Then again it could sadden
We meet, talk, and she laughs, good sign?
I try my hardest to show, but I just can’t say it
I feel horrible; I feel like a failure, I act fine
The problem is, I’ve never been so happy, we go and sit
This is finally the time I’ve been waiting for
I lean in, hoping that it’s not in vein

There’s this girl, and she still dazzles me
Everything went as I hoped, and now I’m hers
I go away for school, and it is gut wrenching
Whenever I see her face it’s like a cure
When I see her, I know there’s no contesting
Watching a movie, making her laugh, nothing’s better
Time shortens with her, and gets longer when I’m away
When it comes to being alive I’m in debt to her
She’s the one thing that keeps me ok
I know it’s corny, but she’s my soul
There’s this girl, and she is dazzling

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