Pineapple Love

January 14, 2009
By Min chung Suh, Glendale, CA

Green Pineapple

Before I eat
I cut the peelings

Need of sweet
Can’t eat the fruitling

Green as it looks
Yellow as I want

Can’t peel yet
Till fruit’s bright change

Then I can peel
To taste that juice

To reach sweetness
That fills my mouth.

To be happy, I will wait
For my pineapple love that’s green.

The author's comments:
In this poem, I am making an analogy between the pineapple and love. My point is that everything has its own time so we should wait until it is ready like how we have to wait for the pineapple to turn yellow from green. The point of my poem is that we should wait until the right time and then we will reap the full benefits of what we waited for.

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