January 13, 2009
Can't leave the body,
Strong and powerful like the burning flame from the fire,
Takes the life of many,
It is a major speed bump in the road to your life,

My grandmother, lost to cancer,
Young, beautiful, a mother, a friend, a person,
Didn't really get to know her because of, cancer,
Fought till the end but it finally took her over,

A six year old little girl Jallene Weeden,
Lost to cancer,
Not yet Experienced life,
Just starting school,
Not being able to do things a normal things,

A Fourteen year old girl Amanda Weeden has cancer,
She is sweet, sensible, and so young,
An amazing woman, a great friend a true friend,
Only a sophomore in high school,

Long hours in the hospital,
Long days with the Kemo and Radiation,
Lonely and sad,
Long nights all by yourself in the hospital bed,

Families and friends having to see you just lay there weaker than ever,
Families just waiting for the news,
Families always crying and just not knowing what to do,
Families and friends just trying to be with you every minute they can,

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