January 13, 2009
By Connor McConnell, Dutch Harbor, AK

As the Men attack it,
The Tank attacks them.

As the Men try to destroy it,
The Tank destroys them.

As the Men come to disarm it,
The Tank disarms them.

As the Men try to intercept it,
The Tank intercepts them.

As the Men try to run,
The Tank finds them.

As the Men Fear,
The Tank kills.

As the Men die,
The Tank laughs.

But when the Man of Glory stands,
The Tank Dies.

The author's comments:
I am one of those kind of People who likes to write about Fiction Adventure storys, you know ones that involve action and death stuff like that. I'm not much of a poem writer, but out of all of the poems I have made I thought that this one was the best. What this poem is about is that how even the most impossible things to defeat can be defeated if you give it your all and that you beleive than you can. I hoped that you like it and that you could give me some comments on it.

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