Sisters Are We and Don't Forget it

January 13, 2009
By Cristeen Anyanwu, Beltsville, MD

Remember when we could sit and talk for hours. But now all you ever want to do is lock yourself in your room and text your friends. I can hear the clicks of your emotions just going on and on and I remember when those emotions were put into words,then in a box, wrapped up nicely with a bow on it and given to me. And I did the same yet I used a gold bow and you a green cause you know how much I love green, and you gold. But after a while I stopped getting those pretty little boxes full of secrets and emotions. And everytime I would send you, it would say return to sender, I was astonished. But remember how you said that we were sisters to the end. Like that time I had spelt milk on my skirt and you allowed me to borrow one of yours even though you hate it when I wear your clothes because your a big sister. Just by a few years but you love to hang it over my head. Remember when we'd kneel on the floor and pray together, hand in hand,or when we stayed up late at night in the bunk beds and talked. But I feel as if we have grown apart and the love we once had slowly faded in thin air. And I'd love to do anything to have it back but I fear it's too late. Cause your mind has been tainted and maybe even your soul but if you could look deep enough maybe not your heart. Please, just try to look cause I'm sisterless and people aren't fitting my best friend criteria. Just in need of a sister, maybe one that gave me her heart and I the same. Well if she's there listening secretly, I love her.

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