January 13, 2009

Fear is the color of the blackest night.
It sounds like the screech of a hoot owl off in the distance.
And tastes like finely chopeed onions.
It smells like the smoke froma recently shot gun.
It looks like a dark shadow in the moonlight.
It makes me feel nervous.

Fear is red like a freshly sliced wound.
It sounds like a crackling fire.
And tastes like cool air entering an open mouth that is formed into a silent scream.
It smells like the gutting of newly killed deer.
Fear looks like an F5 tornado.
It makes me feel anxious.

Fear is the color of the deep blue sea.
It's the sound of a head-on collision.
And tastes like a severly rotted fish.
It smells like a grangma's cheap perfume.
It looks like a stranger lurking in the darkness.
Fear makes me feel sick.

Fear is the fine line that seperates nightmare from reality.

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