January 13, 2009
By Elle Dougherty, Park City, UT

you are the sweat on my palms,
the hatred in my jaw,

the split tongue sleeping behind my teeth.

the colors we made together were a hibernation
a crack in the educated mind.

your laugh hid centuries of propaganda
under its kaleidoscope of literature.

sweet words, a sweet

honey down my back.
the ridges of your spine as your shining eyes lied their way
into my throat.

shoot me in the smile.
a collage of blood and teeth the symphony to my last words.

shoot me shoot me shock me. kiss me kill me.

my organs, my treasures, dangling from your bitter fangs
like the vomit that marked the end of us.

blood like candy, sugar-coated in your stomach.

your taste buds were the essence of my betrayal.

your lovely gesture as your dress slid to the floor
only the beginning of my tragic end.

your sigh my complete undoing.

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