No Longer

January 13, 2009
Every night i thought about you
My heart, yearning for your embrace
Look at my tearstreaked face
No longer are we one

My arms streached out,
Im falling into darkness,
your warm embrace is mine
No longer

I wiil remember what you said forever,
I love you, is still ringing in my head
But i see you, with another girl,
No longer with me.

Suddenly, it hits me like a bullet.
We were never ment to be
We never were truly one.
No longer, are we one

I thought the world had turned its back on me.
Then I looked once again
And saw you with her
No longer with me
My heart longs for you,
My heart needs you
My heart was broken by you.

I gave you my heart,
What did you do?
You stuck it in a blender and hit "high"
No longer, i my heart one piece.

Everythings changed
You dont call, or text, of let alone respond.
Its like I'm gone
No longer is there love. now, there is tension.

You say there was no mistake,
But they say otherwise.
T trusted you, but you cheated on my love.
No longer do I trust you.

Its like I'm trapped in time,
Not moving.
I'm trapped,
No longer do you comfort me

No longer is there a "we"
Nope, no longer.

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hotmama124 said...
Feb. 1, 2009 at 8:13 pm
nice job! fix the typos. have someone read your work before you hit the send key. ok? :)
sexybunny said...
Feb. 1, 2009 at 8:08 pm
omg!! i absolutly adore this poem!!!! are you a published author?? you should soooo get a book with your poems in it! this poem is awesome i love it :)
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