January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

The mascara streams
The tires scream
As her life rips
Along the seams

She stops and looks
Up at the sky
But still the darkness
Makes her cry

She’s had the scars
And dripped her blood
She’s been pushed down
Into the mud

Her bruises hurt
They will for days
The dark smoke traps
Her in a maze

And now she waits
Among the shadows
For someone to lift
Her from the gallows

And those who’ve seen
Behind the mask
Know for love
She’ll always ask

From sunglasses
One boy peeks
And helps her see
Right through the bleak

The dark is banished
Away for miles
And for once
She truly smiles

And now her life
Will not lack
As her past falls
To the chasm black

And now her life
Can start anew
As her black, hopeless eyes
Regain their hue

The tires slow
The asphalt gone
She now knows
That life goes on

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