Through My Eyes

January 13, 2009
By Allison Schmidt, Mesick, MI

His icy blue eyes showed me a future,
one without putting up a fight.
Loving him till the day I die,
no other person gave me such delight.
His kisses were wishes come true,
hugs that warmed my chilly heart.
But every time I saw him with her,
my whole world fell apart.
Why’d she come along,
she just didn’t belong.
Taking him from me,
what was I suppose to believe?
Some kind of fairytale,
or one that I didn’t want to see?
A world I refused to participate in,
or do I go back to the bleak reality?

The author's comments:
I am no one special. I love a guy, that happens to love another girl besides me. He's as confused as I am, and will remain that way.
I love to write about guys and what they make me feel like.
And I love to make people smile, so that's why I write, and to pass the time. :)

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