They never knew

January 13, 2009
Pain and fear defined his life

Never free from the torment of those he once called friends

Lost all sight of faith and hope

No one will accept his heartfelt amends

He made a mistake one he can't change

Now he fights to survive just one more day

He tells himself that there has to be more than this pain

There has to be another way

One day after school, he comes home

Broken and beaten, his eyes full of pain

He blames himself, if only he could have known

Shame and guilt have him locked in unseen chains

One night he makes a decision

Never again will he be the object of their jeers

He wipes away the tears that blur his vision

Tomorrow will be the end; never again will he shed a tear

He walks into school, everything seems normal

No one sees the gun he carries under his jacket

Everyone walks about their business, not paying attention

To this boy filled with rage and unimaginable pain

Suddenly the hall is filled with screams

Shots ring out into the air

No one expected this could happen, not even in their dreams

This burden was too much for this boy to bare

It all seems to be over

Teachers rush into the hall to see what had happened

To see the damage that had been done

Why this had started

They rush to the bodies of four students

All shot without a hint of mercy

Lying beside them with the gun in his hand

Is the one who had shot them, with a bullet in his chest

No one could have known the hell he'd been through

If only they'd known, there might have been something they could do

But he never breathed a word of what he's been put through

Now it's too late, no one ever knew

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