My Journey Without You

January 13, 2009
By Richele Shuler, Mesa, AZ

You were never there.
You were more like a spirit in the air, never aware.
I thought I needed you to be with me.
I could never be free.
It was time for me to flee.
Hearing everyone talk of you,a hole in my heart i felt for you.
What was i to do?
You have no idea what I was going through.
For a long time I let my pain show.
My mouth was quiet and my head hung low.
Keeping the pain hidden inside, I didn't know how to let you go.
With the help of others, I taught myself to be strong.
I found out I didn't need you all along.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my father. He was never there for me. This is my way to express my feelings toward him.

I chose a flower for my image because despite my father's absense, I blossomed still blossomed into a beautiful flower. That is because I surround myself with people that love and care for me. People like my mother, stepfather, and all of my friends and I thank God for them everyday.

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