January 13, 2009
By Josie Zavala, Chicago, IL

You are the best thing that has ever came into my life,
without your friendship I would be sad and cry,
everyone is jealous cause we're the best of friend,
but nobody understands that we are just different,
but who cares we got each other that's all that matters,
you with out me and me without you is like a mirror when it shatters, so let's stick together and make it last forever,
our friendship will grow and no one will break it,
cause no matter what I have faith that we'll make it,
you make me laugh when I'm sad,
and bring out the sun when I'm mad, whatever the case may be I'm just glad that I have someone like you in my life,
and when we're old we'll remember all the fun times we've had together,
and laugh at people's faces,
and say ha ha we told you we would be best friends forever...

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