Ignorant Affection Is Your Flame To My Water

January 13, 2009
By Devan Gouvea, Santa Rosa, CA

I will smile gently this fragile morning
Even that is harsh and grinding
Gaping maw with too many teeth
Crooked and burning in this tension
Mirrored in the black fire underneath
The surface of my knowing gaze
You misunderstand, misread the whispers
Taking it as wanting tainted by youth
Scarred by the pain worn deep
Exchanging broken for old in my soul
I wonder if you knew all along

Your eyes devoured me for long minutes
The force of your wanting shook me
Echoed in my bones so I could not deny
My own wantings’ quick seduction

I will laugh slowly this long evening
Even that is drawn out into stillness
Fueling the boiling inside my pride
Raising the raging and the heat against
Your lips whispering possession in my ear
The gentleness fades from quick seconds
Teeth set straight, tight and bared
Your eyes are desperately hunting my lust
No hesitation or you’d swallow me whole

My smile comes sweetly slow again
But this time does not break

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