a letter

January 13, 2009
By Chelsea Dauter, Erie, MI

To whom this may concern:

My hands begin to shake as my fingers write this letter to your eyes. Moving with the thoughts of the nights i've missed you by my side. colder and darker these moments grow with the empty spaces between our words. so we filled them with dots still trying to fill the blanks the future has left us. we we've reached the point between nothing and everything where the things we want to say get lost in the void that has filled out mouths with the bitter taste of reality. no amount of false pretense can restore innocence held between the lines of my emotion. written on this paper like the stars in the sky, i've regained a memory of pure adorence in you eyes. the mirror you brought to my heart to allow the beauty of a simple shine brighter then the end of a rainbow. words. maybe thats all they are and ever will be. but to my tantalizing dreams they are everything you should already know.
my thoughts
my heart.
my love.

Torn down the center of this line...
i've traced this moment back to you...

Remembering sillouettes of your body against the sky,
naming my only star after you. but it left with the sunrise, im waiting for your return with the sunset.

my evening star.

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