Very Funny

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Yes I believe in fairy tales
Yes I truly do
Somehow I realize they are not for me
I just don't get that lucky
Once upon a time,
I found a prince
He was the fairest in all the land
We cared for each other deeply
I was full of jealousy though
For he was already taken
But she became the evil witch
He left her in the dust
So I started to hope
I started to love
But then he left
Never returned
And I love him still to this day.
But then it happened again
And I thought it a miracle from heaven
He was beautiful charming and perfect
In every single way
He was my beutiful prince
My gift from the gods
But that gift turned into a joke
My prince slipped through my fingers
And now I'm left all alone
Broken and bitter
Heart divided in two
I wonder I far this will go
Until there is no heart left to spare
I glare up into the sun
I glare up into the moon
I hear them laughing in the blowing breeze,
And I wonder,
How could they find this funny?

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by one very long night and a lot of crying. It is in fact a true story.

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