214 Standing Ovations

January 13, 2009
By Trevor Block, Sussex, WI

They are the only thing that matters. I am among the select few who recognize their significance. Two hundred fourteen standing ovations with thunderous applause and earned through perseverance. Two hundred and fourteen that demand the respect of others. Two hundred and fourteen greatest moments ever. From the nose bleeds we can witness them, but only the faithful earn the right to do so.

Their origin is feared. They send shock and fear through their victims. They build and build with fatigue setting in and the unbearable pain and nobody thinks you can go one more. This is how they are earned.

Let all think they mean nothing, they were luck, and there is no gift where they originate. Let all doubt and have skepticism. They still remain.

When I find myself in times of trouble, when I have nothing left, then they come back to me. When I lose all hope in my ability. Two hundred and fourteen that can do so much. Two hundred and fourteen that teach a lesson. Two hundred and fourteen whose meaning is different to us all.

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