Strength from Within

January 13, 2009
By Jackie Pasholk, Pewaukee, WI

Give me strength from within
shoved, pushed down, slapped down to sorrow
reminded of my flaws
and called names from hell
Give me strength from within
First i fall and cry my fears
as my pride flows away
and my strength deteriorates
i pray it goes away
Give me strength from within
i have no clique
i am no perfect smiley girl
eating by myself lunchtime everyday
i am a nobody
Give me strength from within
I’m sick of this
sick with anger and full of hurt
end it now
end it quick
take a stand
for yourself, and for the rest of me
give me strength from within
I am me
I am beautiful on the inside
with a Huge heart
who loves myself and can love so many others
Judge me, go ahead
I don’t care
because now,
I have strength from within

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