Case of Dreams

January 13, 2009
I roll up on the runway ready for the trip to a new life
Packed and filled with excitement
comfortable, yet classy
I sit back and watch as people gaze at golden chandeliers
I drag behind in the hallways
ahh the Titanic
We enter the ballroom, beautiful gowns, fresh cut diamonds, white pearls
looking in shock at the beautiful ocean
feeling the ocean breeze
I enter my room ready to unpack and start my new life
like no ship I have ever seen before
no clutter, no dust, just perfection
Pajamas are out and now time to sleep for a full day tomorrow
I lay open to a ship of dreams
dreams that will come true
But I am nothing to these rich class open close rollers
I yearn to be like them in my future
someday, someday
Now I am opened and closed to a new beginning of every day
a suitcase is not just a storage for clothes
it is a storage for new life

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