The Titanic will not be Forgotten

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

The Titanic Will Not Be Forgotten

The smooth, silky water,
flowed gracefully along the flanks of the ship.
The iceberg stood like a glass statue looming in the close distance;
By the time the news hit the captain, it was too late.

The starboard side of the ship hit.
The frigid iceberg pieces shattered onto the deck,
Like a hockey puck gliding along the frozen, even surface.
The passengers arose in panic- the vibrations ringing in their sleepy ears.

The uproar was chaotic as the interruptions of the rumors quickly spread .
Time was running out and the end was near.
People of all classes were screaming in pain as the lifeboats slowly ran out.
The boat was now up in the air with people holding each other in tears.

Lives were lost, lives were gone, some lives even found.
The cold dreary night of April 14th will not be forgotten.
Life will go on for the lucky souls that reached America.
The rest will disintegrate in the North Atlantic.

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