Those who need it the most

January 13, 2009
By Adora Lee, Lebanon, NH

Criticalness leads to perfection, perfectionism is bliss.
But balances inquire stability, support is also a need.
Critique can kill what a system of love can flourish.
But flourishing is not necessarily perfection.

I lack self worth; concepts of confidence diminish to ash that is only edible in the segments breathed in through the flowing air. But the elements to not transport what that key ideal used to be. Esteem eludes me, and to face this faltering aspect of mind only leads to self destructive conditions in any moral human being. It releases the pain, fills the tragedy, and eases tensions to cope with the conflict. They continue on, in systematic persistence to create order in a world that lacks self control and validation of stability. How can anyone judge these obviously recklessly damned forms of genius without being critical of their own extreme attempts to find happiness? For we all endure constant struggle to obtain happiness, because the ideal is formed out of impossibilities. And since there is no certain way to relinquish whatever shity situation you are in, it must be that only the will to want to overcome allows for the possibility of identifying an eventual balance of self and acceptance of a happiness And because there is no one path to take to understand happiness and cope with the issues we ourselves take or are forcefully given to by the expected uncontrollable powers, advice is only given to, by those whom need it the most.

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