Slur Child

January 13, 2009
Rely on him, as you cannot rely on yourself. Dear Slur child, who do you trust? “Who is that you see in the mirror?”, you know he only lies to improve you: but do you wish to be validated by a foundation of lies and pity. You force those whom you love to pity you, you’re just too needy and clingy for their tastes. Adore as you must, follow those spiritual connections that are only one sided, flirt with those overly exaggerated fascinations to fix that fixation. Can you speak this truth without looking like a fool, going into spasms of self intolerance and autistic syndromes of lack of self control. The mind leaves you unstable, blocked out memories block out old fixations: cause no, Slur child knows not how to bid them away. You have become so little, in so many ways. Does it leave you as scared as you refuse to say? Admitting hopelessness is the first step, can you be heard through your slur?

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