A Phantom's Love

January 13, 2009
By Lulu~ GOLD, Vidalia, Georgia
Lulu~ GOLD, Vidalia, Georgia
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I feel as if I am being watched, followed everywhere I go. I always feel cold, no matter if it is warm. Home, what a lovely place to be after a long day of school. But at home, I feel I'm not alone. I feel his ghostly embrace, his transparent head on my shoulder, resting with happiness, a smile on his perfect immortal face. He whispers quietly in my ear, as I begin to hum a familiar melody, and he joins in, singing in perfect harmony with me. I feel his ghostly embrace, feeling him pull me closer to him. He and I are perfect for one another as we can see so far, but it ust can't work between us, not only because I am afraid that this is just a dream, but that he may disappear, or I find or have something he needs to grant him the chance to cease his wandering upon this chaotic earth. Our love is strong and everlasting, but this love could only be forevermore, A Phantom's Love.

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