To Drink or Not to Drink

January 13, 2009
By Jessica Miller, Perry, KS

I feel nervous surrounded, my friends and family are
here but I can't see them I did what Mom said to do
I didn't drink or drive, but what about him? What
a fool, he chose to drink
but not to think.
I can hear them crying, why?
I can hear the paramedics,
I'm not gonna make it that's
what they say, why not another day?
I'm not ready to go yet, my mom's yelling, "God
let her live" I want to cry but I can't I can barely
breathe I should've listened to my parents when they said I shouldn't
go but I wanted to fit in, wanted to have friends I guess that's what its about

The author's comments:
Just a little something I wrote

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