Dreams- Discouraging the Use of Drugs

January 13, 2009
By Brianna Crocco, Deer Park, NY

She was ten and he was nine
They both had dreams,
Like any other kind.
She desired to be a singer
And he wanted to teach
They worked harder than ever,
So they could achieve.
As they grew into teenagers,
Their dreams remained strong,
Until one night,
When everything went wrong.
They went to a party,
The event of the year,
She thought it’d be fun,
Until she saw beer.
He freaked out,
Telling her that it’s not good to stay.
But she couldn’t say no,
There was nothing he could say.
The boy left the party,
Leaving his friend in fear.
He wanted to pursue a career,
Not ruin it all here.
They haven’t spoke in ages,
Since their teenage years
Until a recent gathering that brought him to tears.
He was a successful man,
The teacher that taught with his heart,
He went to college,
And graduated very smart.
He saw his friend,
The girl indeed,
Still drunk on beer and smoking weed.
He laughed to himself,
Thinking of that very night,
When he made that good decision,
As she ruined her life.

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