Invisible Children

January 13, 2009
By Justin Lance, Hartland, WI

This is our nation…
Our lives played out on the streets
We fight for the chance to survive

We have the right to get nothing
For what rights would they give us
We are all an indecent nuisance

We fly by day as our friends die
By gun fire, knife blade, illogical fighting
By night we sleep with hopes of security

Captured and you must kill
Refuse and you will be killed
Obey and you’re given a gun

Brothers killing brothers, and why?
Sons killing mothers, and why?
Friends killing friends, and why?

Because that is all that they know
And for us we can only do so much
Hide and run, hide and run, hide and run…

This is our nation…
Our blood runs through these streets
Help is what we want, help is what we need

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