I Will Not Own What I Have Created

January 13, 2009
Hello again, desperate friend of mine
Sunken low into deep clouds that hang
Dripping into my eyes
How well I have known you Pain

These tears are not mine

Say the words because I see you in everything
Because I have none and need
You said you need me

Pinpricks and needle marks

How could you pull
Knowing I am staked at the center?
My soul is tearing and pushing the flesh
To take steps closer to you
My eyes betray the lie I tell my heart
When I stand so still and smile

Phantoms of your touch
Promise absence but I won’t believe
The ache can only go so far

What mistakes I couldn’t make
Now they’re choices I can’t escape
I feel it when my bones itch with hurt

Hello again, old ache that curls hard
Thinning ribs hollowed out like yours
Echoes my pathetic cries
How well I have known you Love

These tears will not be mine

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