Five Little Puppies

January 13, 2009
By Amy Decker, Hartland, WI

Five Little Puppies

They are the ones who love me. I am the only one who loves them. Five little puppies with huge eyes and floppy ears like bunnies. Five who do not talk but try to. Five excited jumping beans in my house. From our window we can see them, but Dan just walks past and doesn’t acknowledge them.

Their mind is mysterious. They give hope to most peculiar people. They jump up and they jump down and steal your heart between their sloppy licks and bite the mailman with scary teeth and never quit their happiness. This is how they live.

Let one remember his reason for loving, they’d all grow like weeds in a garden, each with their paws around the other. Beg, beg, beg, puppies say when I eat. They grow.

When I am too sad and too depressed to keep keeping, When I am a mean monster against a horrible world, it is then I play with puppies. When there is nothing left to hear in this strange world. Five who loved despite thorns. Five who grow and do not forget to grow. Five whose only reason is to love and love.

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