January 13, 2009
By Sanket Patel, Hartland, WI

Looking at the Atlantic Ocean,
I am trying to think that day.
That day when, they were sign me as the caption,
Of the unbreakable ship Titanic.

I want a to make history,
the history of to be a captain of the world’s largest ship.
I had the seen all the single part of the ships.

They gave me the information,
information about the ship.
They told me in this world no one can break this ship,
Not even God.

They gave send me three ice warnings,
But I thought we will scurvies.
I was wrong. My 25 years experiences didn’t work.
We hit the ice, the ship was skinned.
Now I am seeing the every single part going into the water.
Because of my fault, mostly passengers were gone die.
I was trying remembering every thing single memoires of the ship.
I looked for help, but no one acme to help us.
I was felling so bad about I what I did.
God forget me; forget me about what I did.

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