January 13, 2009
By Alison Tetzlaff, Hartland, WI

It was hard enough to leave my family behind
Having to hear what were the last sounds from some
Made me want to go back and help
Knowing that the end is near for some

I sit helpless in the boat hoping and praying that the rest of my family will survive
Knowing that help is on the way we wait for hours for the boat to appear
As we row away we silently watch the Titanic sink to the bottom of the Atlantic

Hearing how many lives were lost on April 15th 1912
I think to myself how did I could have been one less on this boat today
If it was not for the one boat to have come back and help those in need
I think back to the beginning of how the Titanic was referred to as
“The unsinkable ship” and I ask why did it have to happen.

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