Trying to Survive

January 13, 2009
By Andrew Seidl, Hartland, WI

Trying to Survive

As the lifeboat hit the water, I couldn’t help but look back
Trying to take in this hell before my eyes
I can’t believe this is happening

As I look in my boat at the fellow survivors, I nervously shuffle my feet
Women and children first, but men needed to row
I ignore this night time scene and grab an oar

As it touches the water, I feel alone and tired
The people in my boat shiver and whimper quietly
I have no idea where to go from here

As the enormous, unsinkable ship disappears into the sea of blue, I nearly drop my oar
So many people, so much destruction
I look away and keep rowing

As I take one final glance back, I put my head down
People once scrambling for help now lay face-down in silence
I pray to God we make it out alive

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