Lorax Environment

January 13, 2009
By Adora Lee, Lebanon, NH

It takes biting a lemon to create.
I only know of my solo flamingo dances in desert sands

I can only try to understand naivety inhabiting the island

And do reptars turnip?
...and does genius by association push daises?

allegories, allegories, magical vocabulary
cooking is witchery
The universe is astronomy
Science is blasphemously
Piety, piety
We all fall down.

I looked into the eyes of an advertised shaman
Yellow pages, 'c' for "candy"
can pure imagination feed me?

Cakes of personality
indulgences of varieties
business is bizarre: such is life; and reality is scary.

Who is innocent that seeks out adventure,
who is the smut that kisses off as a serer?

why question pioneers are the slingers?

Health is chess, ..played in intervals cycling full throttle
To gas smitten ash.

It doesn't take much if anything at all
if paying in sabotage is the toll
to help oneself believe to see balance in what used to be a hole.

The author's comments:
Nonsense is a limitation of perspective.

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