I've Been Waiting For The Poison Aftermath

January 12, 2009
By Devan Gouvea, Santa Rosa, CA

I've Been Waiting For The Poison Aftermath

Static here
Black and white
Some sort of unrest
Beneath my bones
Twisting and snap
Re-aligning my soul

I grasp that something must be done
I grasp
Noise burns unrest
Empty noise
Painful movements of the heart
Life creates those words
I grasp
I have nothing of this

No means for these ends
Nothing to sow
Reaping never taught me
These lessons
Games we chase
Closed eyes and now jump
Never so vicious
These lessons of yours dear
Never so cruel
Smiling and created in me
The stains behind my eyes

I grasp that something has happened here
It happened here
Hollow cavities in the wake of wounds
Mutilated words carved into the walls
Wretched swallowed cries
Twisted echo of my pain
I grasp

It has finally come

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