January 12, 2009
By Lillian Chen BRONZE, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey
Lillian Chen BRONZE, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey
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there once was a time
when you were all mine
where did it go? you said
"forever", you know

I want to go back
back before the break
to patch up the crack
to stop my heartache

but I know you don't want to
I know you don't care
so you'll just let me
drown in despair?

so now I am here
I feel so alone.
why did you leave me,
bare to the bone?

how did it come to this,
what is there left
what can I do
in this solitary abyss

just one last favor
one final wish
give heavenly flavor
with one last little kiss

you were my dream
everything I wanted
you were my pass
to eternal solace

can't you help me here
i'm gasping for breath
do you not care
as I crumble to death?

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