January 12, 2009
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Roses have thorns
alas, so do I
I feel superficial
Everything is shallow
Nothing seems to affect
my inner self
I feel emotionless
like time keeps on ticking
but nothing happens to me
I remain preserved
through death
and hatred
and yet I believe
I haven't changed at all
It's not natural
to experience this
but is it worth the trouble
to attempt to feel bliss
I'm the same as I was yesterday
and that the day before
Nothing reflects upon my soul
The moon still shines at night
The sun still comes behind the clouds
But the seasons are liable to pass
but I suppose I haven't figured that out yet
Come tomorrow, I yearn for something to let me
know that it's not forever
That someday my petals will transform
into something I'd wished to see
But I shan't worry if it doesn't occur
for maybe things are better the same
and maybe you can love things
without change.

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