I'm Going Somewhere

January 12, 2009
By laughnsmile2319 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
laughnsmile2319 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Nothing contributes as much to the mind, as a steady purpose."

-Mary Shelley-

The love of my life is never close.
The love of my life is always far.
Near would be nice,
yet things are never nice.
Things aren't always great.
Somethings need time,
somethings need space.
Others who grieve,
and others who recieve,
will know the reason why life is so mean.
I can't sit back, and watch this happen.
I can't step aside, and pretend everythings alright.
I never thought life was easy...
Whoever thought it was,
is very misguided.
I miss the friends I used to have.
I miss the times we used to share.
The memories are the past.
The future is forever.
With the great words of a nobleman:
'You can not move on till you take your first step.'
The words can echo in my mind until I'm 65.
But, its not just me who needs to move on.
Its the whole world...
As I take a step, the whole world should follow.
The path of one is different from others.
Yhe road ahead isn't safe,
without a friend.
Me and you are quite different,
I love a challenge.
But you call mommy and daddy when things get rough.
I stepped to the plate,
waited for my pitch...
But you never made it into the batters box...
Your still in the dug-out.
I'm standing strong with the bat firm in my hands,
ready to swing at any moment.
My life could make a turn for the better or worse,
it all deppends where the ball travels...
to the outfeild,
to the catchers mit,
to the infielders,
out of the park,
or maybe even a foul ball.
It doesnt matter, because I'm going somewhere in life.

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